Decking Exeter

We install decking in Exeter so if you want to transform your outdoor space, get in touch with us today. Available in different materials, colours and styles, a platform will be the perfect addition to your garden. You will be able to use the space all year round, and we can help you choose the most suitable materials for your needs. We install both timber and composite styles for highly competitive prices, and did you know you could opt for eco decking? Made from recycled plastic, these durable and stylish decks will suit every budget and setting.

For further information on our services, get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your project.

Garden Decking

Are you planning to install garden decking? Then we are here to help! Our installations will be completed professionally and to the highest standards, with all of our work including a guarantee. You will enjoy a number of benefits by adding a platform to your garden, particularly because they are affordable, low maintenance and are easy to stain or paint to freshen up their appearance. As well as this, they can also be installed on uneven ground, making them more versatile than traditional patios. Furthermore, we can also include steps, walkways, handrails and balustrades as part of the installation. Our experts can design a system for any size area, using the following materials:


Timber is a classic choice and we can supply boards in a range of beautiful shades that will complement your property. We have options suitable for every budget, and we will ensure your installation is strong and secure.


Composite decks offer the authentic appearance of real wood but with modern advantages as there’s no risk of rotting, warping or splintering. The colour will not fade or stain, and there is a wide range of effects to choose from.

Eco Decking

Our services include supplying and installing eco decking from DCW, a company that provides recycled plastic decking from materials collected across the South West. This sustainable alternative is incredibly durable and low maintenance with great resistance to water, frost and insects. For more information on this environmentally friendly option, get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average lifespan of a wood deck is typically 10 – 15  years. The actual lifespan will depend on the type of wood you have chosen and how well you maintain and clean the decking, especially in the winter.  

While they often cost more than wood, composite materials offer the promise of greater durability and less maintenance. Wood is still the most common choice for decking material, but it does not last forever. Composite deckings may be more durable, but they might lack the natural look and colour you are after. 

Decks can often crack due to constant exposure to moisture & heat. Small cracks are an unavoidable consequence of a wooden decks aging process. The wood soaks up moisture and expands, then drys causing the cracks in the surface. If you have noticeable cracks, contact our decking contractors for regular maintenance & repairs. 

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